About Us

Our Core Values

1.Compassion 怜悯 – God’s love enable us to love others, alleviate their pain and discomfort, treat them and their family with care and compassion

2.Respect 敬重,重视 – We treat everyone with honesty, dignity and fairness as we would like others to treat us

3.Ethics 道德 – the moral will to do what is right. Ethical conduct is displayed through one’s exemplary behaviours, respect for others and sense of loyalty and responsibility

4.Attentive to staff 细心 – our genuine concern that we have for our staff and colleagues. This includes a personal touch and holistic well-being of our staff.

5.Teamwork 合作 – Together, everyone achieves more. Provide relief, continuity and magnitude

6.Edify 互相栽培 – Mutual sharing, living and learning to discover our personal core being



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