Admission – Residential and Respite Care

Admission – Residential and Respite Care

Placing a loved one or moving into a Residential Home need not be a daunting experience. Admission into The Lentor Residence can be done within 2 working days. Admission requirements as follows.

Admission Requirements

1.  Contact our Admission Team at (65) 6451 6300 or via email with the following details:

»   Particulars of Applicants – Name, Age, NRIC
»   Medical Conditions
»   Stay Option – Residential or Respite Care
»   Caregiver/Next-of-Kin’s contact information – Phone, Email
»   Intended date of admission
»   If Respite Care, the duration of stay

2.  Get ready the latest medical report and chest x-ray of the applicant.
3.  During the site visit, we will:

»   Provide a tour of the rooms and facilities in the nursing home
»   Go through the financial obligations
»   Highlight various value-added services available

Call us for a non-obligatory site visit.

Subsidy Eligibility

1.  Residents that have been qualified through Household Means Test (HHMT) are eligible for MOH Nursing Home subsidy.
2.  If you have not undergone HHMT, you can choose to be admitted as a private resident.
3.  Subsequently, we can assist you to check on your eligibility and application for MOH Nursing Home Subsidy.


Please contact our Admission Team for further details on our charges.


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