Basic First Aid + CPR (BFA+CPR)

The Basic First Aid + Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (BFA+CPR) is a 1 day course designed to provide participants with an awareness of the principles of First Aid in everyday life. Particular emphasis is given to sharing of how to perform First Aid procedures on children and unlearning of “myths” and traditional techniques of treating injuries such as nose bleed etc.

Essential techniques and procedures learnt are:

1. Action during an Emergency
2. One Man CPR
3. Management of Traumatic Conditions such as Wounds, Bleeding, Burns and Bone Injuries
4. Management of Medical Conditions such as Asthma, Acute Chest Pains and Unconsciousness

What to expect:

Participants will learn first aid through interactive and experiential theory and practical lessons. Experienced instructors who are trained in pre-hospital care will share their many interesting and valuable first hand experiences during the course.

Classes are conducted in a conducive learning environment. Through effective knowledge sharing by the course instructors, participants will acquire valuable life saving skills that they can use at workplace, schools, home and in the community.


Participants will be required to sit for a theory and practical assessment. Upon successful completion of all requirements, a certificate will be given to all participants.


1 days

8 hours – (0900 – 1800)


33 Ubi Ave 3 #03-10/11
Singapore (408868)